Controller in hybris

In an eCommerce website, the Checkout is the set of steps showing to a customer before placing an order. This is a simplified overview of the default checkout flow for the b2c accelerator in Hybris. As a clean code and design patterns fan, the checkout is one of my favorite piece of code in Hybris. The checkout step view page should have a link to the next and back method of the checkout step controller. The default checkout group used for a given CMS site e. The checkout map group is a Map that contains all the checkout flow group, we can retrieve a specific checkout flow group from the map using its id key.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Nice explanation. Can you please share a new article with an example if possible with complete flow i. It would be really helpful for people who are new to hybris. Great explanation Mouad!!!

Very nice article, can you please add the order confirmation process that will help us in end to end flow of checkout. You need to implement a new url MVC Controller to handle the callback responses from the payment provider, e. Session not available only I get guid which I sent during payment request.

Please help me to get cart data, user data and shipping data on with only carddata. Hello, you should check why the session is not available. Basically you should have access to your current session, the same session that been used before redirection to payment provider. If you fixed that you will be able to get cart from session then create order and update it. Other thing for non received callback due to client browser issues, you have to implement a new controller to handle notification from payment provide.Hybris provides different Page Types that we can use to create our own page.

We can see the available page types in the cms2-items. Now we have to create a new page and link it in the site so that user can click that link and our offer page gets displayed with the fresh offers.

Learning by Examples: SAP Hybris OOTB Extensions and what is inside. Part 1.

Now wait a moment, have we decided what type of page we are going to use? Our requirement is to just display some of the offers on the Offer page.

So it just needs some content to be displayed which includes either offers imageoffers text etc.

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Now we have decided the Page template and Page type for creating our new offer page. We have created a new page template with the frontendTemplateName as offersLayoutPage.

1. Overview

We have created a new content page which uses the above page template created in Step 1. Step 3 Create content slot names required for the template. We have created 1 paragraph component and 3 banner components for the offer page In banner componentswe have given the link of the products where we are redirecting on click of each of those banner images. Step 6 Link the content slots for the offer page template.

We have linked the content slots and content slot names for the offer page template. Step 7 Add a link of offers page to the navigation bar. Create a new navigation node called Offer When customer clicks on it, it should take to the offers page. Step 8 Create a new controller to handle the request on click of navigation Node.

controller in hybris

This controller handles the request coming from the click of Offers navigation node and then redirect to the corresponding template JSP. Now we have created the offersLayoutPage. Also update the below css properties in helper. Now we can see that new navigation node called Offers is displayed in the Navigation bar. Here we can see that our new offers page is getting displayed with 4 components1 being paragraph component and other 3 being banner components.

Now on click of any of the banner componentit will take to the corresponding offered products page that we have linked in impex. Open the same and we can see our newly added components as well.Or see our complete list of local country numbers. No other organization provides the resources, network, or expertise that keeps businesses running. SAP Commerce really supported us to provide an integrated and cohesive customer experience no matter how or where a customer reaches out — whether online, via mobile, or in stores.

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Sorry, there is no short answer to the question… Try to find the classes with sitemap in the class name, and search over documents on hybris help. Powered by WordPress and Origin.


Part 1. They can be used as a reference of implementation and, with some exceptions, can be considered as a vendor-recommended best-practice way. The extensions come in source code form, with comments and documentation.

It is a good starting point in finding a solution: the way SAP recommends in their packaged extensions is likely better than anything else, because you never know what side effects you may face if you go with the experimental solution. After all, why to reinvent the wheel?

Of course, there are exceptions: not everything is perfect. However, it is important to understand the exceptions too. Learning by examples and design by examples have a lot in common. You can use this approach to upskill junior developers and perfect your own expertise.

For me personally, there is no other way to learn solution architecture other than studying the experience of others. While I was examining the extensions, I was taking notes. These notes were put as a basis for the series of articles with this heading. I split the notes in bunches and will publish them as separate blog posts, one per bunch. I am focusing on what patterns were used in the code rather than how business logic is implemented across the extensions.

There are extensions in hybris 6. Of course, it is a huge work to inspect all extensions and categorize the underlying logic in them. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

controller in hybris

How to define a renderer service : used to get data for the facade layer How to define a deep cloning configuration for a new component and define non-clonable components such as NavigationComponent How to define a new cache region see …cache-spring. It is used to cache the components here. Disabled by default. How to define deal with responsive image formats; using media code for setting up the dimensions of the images for each format How to extend the Checkout Flow facade How to define attribute convertors How to define model populators.

How to define page and content convertors How to define content validators. Defines the validation rules for a type.Friday, 1 April What is [y] Hybris? Hybris is one of the upcoming agile and comprehensive commerce suite. The hybris commerce suite is engineered for expansion, extension and scale.

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From business standpoint the hybris Commerce Suite is divided into individual packages, such as Commerce, Content, Channel and Orders. These packages are bundles of functionality assembled for a certain range of business functionality.

From a technical point of view, packages consist of individual modules aka extensions. Extensions written by hybris provide standardized functionality and are supported and maintained by hybris.

Internal caching and persistence mechanisms allow the hybris Commerce Suite to run on a Servlet Container. A full-fledged J2EE-compliant application server can be used, but is not necessary. What are the key Hybris commerce capabilities and features which comes out of the box? Lets dig deeper into some of the other concepts which is essential to know —.

Hybris Cockpit framework —. The hybris Cockpit framework offers a large number of highly configurable components which can be used to build a new cockpit for your customers needs, such as for example workflow and comments. The hybris Cockpit framework is the foundation for all hybris Cockpits.

It offers a large number of highly configurable components, which can be used to build a Graphical User Interface GUI to support high-level business use cases, allowing users to perform all their common tasks quickly and intuitively. The hybris Cockpit framework complements the functionality offered by the hMC, which provides lower-level control over all the data in the hybris system.

The ZK Framework is also well supported by Spring. ZK delivers a rich set of user interface UI components, making it easy and quick for developers to deliver a rich front end experience. The major features of the hybris Cockpit framework include:. Base configuration as a starting point for new applications, based on Spring.

Reusable front end components in addition to existing ZK components. Generic abstraction of persisted items in the front end layer via the Type Service. Automatically stored user interface configuration at application run time. It provides functionality for administration, monitoring, and configuration of the hybris Commerce Suite. As part of the hybris Commerce Suite, it runs in web browsers. Using the hMC, you can manage business objects of the hybris Commerce Suite such as products, customer data, orders.

Product Cockpit - The hybris Product Cockpit enables organizations to manage and structure product information and catalogs in high-volume and collaborative environments. Product managers can visualize their input from multiple perspectives and make product management processes more efficient. For efficient management of information on your online shop, you can use both the catalog perspective and live edit perspective.

Each of them provides you with different ways of data management. Admin Cockpit - At present, the hybris Administration Cockpit is used for the manipulation of: Data Validation constraints and Instances of types.

Customer service Cockpit - The hybris Customer Service Cockpit enables you to quickly and efficiently manage the customer and orders in the call-center environment.

Report Cockpit - The hybris Reporting Module adds Report Cockpit in which users can create and manage personal Dashboard containing rich graphical report widgets.With the use of SAP Hybris Workflowcompanies can define standardized processes, which run automatically, when required. The Workflow Module can be easily integrated with the Hybris platform.

It ensures efficient management of standardized processes in the backend and hence efficient teamwork along with clear task assignment. Users can easily define standardized process and use of commented feature makes teamwork more efficient.

Workflow allows user to trigger predefined workflows for complex processes or adhoc workflows for one single task. By using workflow integrated with other Hybris tools, you can handle processes more efficiently with a standardized method.

With the use of workflow, complex processes can be easily managed by defining tasks and corresponding actions. Workflow module can be easily implemented on the Hybris platform and you can integrate it with the Hybris product cockpit. To create a new workflow rule, we should follow the subsequent steps. Next is to select the Business Object — such as opportunity or ticket, to which the rule is to be applied.

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The next step is to select the Timing for applying the rule — you can select from the three following timing types to apply to your rule. Workflow and Business Process Engine Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page.Founded inHybris is an ecommerce platform which allows its consumers to sell in both B2B and B2C markets effectively. In the last 8 years, the software has evolved significantly now on version 5.

It has a truly global footprint with over customers and can boast names such as: Samsung, 3M, Vodafone, Oakley, Bridgestone and Carphone Warehouse on its roster. What is it that makes Hybris truly stand out?

controller in hybris

Read on to find out. Hybris core is an ecommerce platform, but it has several stand out features which build on this which allow you to develop a full omni-channel solution.

This means you can sell online, mobile, in-store and via a contact centre. This allows you develop an engaging customer experience by putting the product at the heart of the sale.

By presenting consistent, rich content and delivering images, videos and product data from a single location you have the ability to go to market more quickly. This also enables marketing departments to improve SEO and provide localised content for international campaigns.

Additional business functionality is delivered by a central Order Management System and a module to control billing. From a technology perspective Hybris is a Java based application and it typically hosted as part of a 3 tier architecture comprising of web, application and database layers.

The web servers, situated in a DMZ, will typically redirect traffic to the app servers. The database platform can consist of any SQL based solution but typically MySQL is used for small to mid-sized businesses and Oracle for more enterprise deployments.

Hybris operates well in a virtualised environment with control over server resources. This flexibility to rapidly deploy new instances give the scalability to meet modern ecommerce challenges.

As with any enterprise platform non-production environments often include one or more of: staging, UAT, smoke, SIT and development. Customisation and integration of enterprise software with core business systems has often been a challenge. Hybris really sets itself apart by being easy to use and deliver. Traditionally enterprise platforms were always dominated by IBM and Oracle, but in the last few years Hybris has presented a realistic competition which has been validated by its popularity.

The delivery and development of the platform is often executed by a solution integrator or development agency and the Hybris partner ecosystem has many options. The typical project for a fully deployed site would be around 6 months or more in duration, depending on features, complexity and integrations.

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By putting customer experience at the centre of the solution, while still allowing customisations to allow for differentiation. When it comes to a modern ecommerce platform for mid-range to enterprise workloads Hybris has all the ingredients to lead the field. Sign in. What is Hybris? Mike Bainbridge Follow. Business E-commerce Enterprise Growth.

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controller in hybris

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