Nba 2k20 myleague player progression

Advanced search. I moved from PC to console a bunch of years ago so OS became more relevant to me but NLSC was the very first online community i became apart of so it holds a special place in my e-heart. So i thought i'd share some ML sliders i spent a bunch of hours testing and tweaking here as well. Some of you older cats might remember my fictional draft classes from 2K12? And you even older cats might remember my very mediocre cyberfaces from NBA Live Speak up if you do, that would totally spin me out!

Anyway, I'm determined to create sliders that replicate the NBA landscape as much as possible. I've done a bit of contracts tuning and few bits and pieces in other places too. A quick bit about me: I was super excited to see that you can customize player progression in 2K Player development is the aspect of the NBA that fascinates me the most. Even when i was 12 years old playing NBA Live i used to love playing season modes and watching stars develop.

This curiosity has made me pay close attention to player development in the NBA. These sliders are based on my observations over the past 15 years. Give or take a year or so.

nba 2k20 myleague player progression

As they build mass, their functional athleticism plateaus during their mid-late 20's. For the most part, players come into the league with their athletic identity set in stone. You can still add functional athleticism more efficient movements, stronger core and legs, stuff like that but the changes are more subtle than things like IQ and ball skill especially IQ. VC is an outlier athletically but there are many examples of this. Vets still have a decent top speed, but how quickly the get to that top speed is what decreases, and how much energy it requires to get to that top speed decreases too.

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If anything, players in the decline phase are stronger than ever in terms of core strength and mass, but the energy required to move around the court raises, and they run out of stamina much quicker. Hence the minutes decrease.Player progression systems in sports games can be hit or miss. In a world where professional sports leagues are mostly on hold, we here at Operation Sports feel it is our duty to find out if the player progression system in NBA 2K20 really holds up.

Individual player training a separate menu where you can choose the skills a player works on during off days is a nice addition to the mode, and putting time into those menus will have an impact on your players. The badge system is a nice addition as as well, although it does seem to reset itself an awful lot. Essentially, managers can assign players to the G League, where they will percolate for a few months and randomly jump up 10 points in overall eventually.

nba 2k20 myleague player progression

About seasons in, your entire league is full of ghoulish, create-a-player viking men who bare no resemblance to any living human, but are somehow all over 90 overall.

Your Bradley Beal types the current crop of highly talented stars who are currently at their peak, and capable of leading an NBA team to at least the playoffs become average players in four or five years. Every team has at least one 90 overall player, and many teams have three or four. Your league quickly becomes overrun by a bunch of giant dominant dudes with ill-conceived haircuts, all between overall.

On 2K20, 2K messed with player chemistry effects, which caused the game to be somewhat broken out of the box. Almost every player, including young guns who should obviously improve like Zion, Ja Morant and Luka Doncic, would have the dreaded downward red arrow after the season. This has since largely been evened out via patches, and we have returned to our regularly scheduled league of terrifying white ginger Frankenstein monsters.

I do really respect the work the developers put into it. The mode itself is pretty good, if tragically flawed. The player progression system is an obvious weakness though. Managers select up to five players per week, and can either simulate or play out actual drills that mimic real soccer drills.

The player receives a boost in stats based on how well they did in that drill. Straightforward, simple and fun with a strategical element baked-in.

Madden — Pretty straightforward. You gain XP for each player, and you apply it to improve whatever stat you would like. If you manage a young team that wins the Stanley Cup, or a young AHL team that wins the Calder Cup not to be confused with the Calder Trophy, the Rookie of the Year in the NHL, which ironically does not appear to have an effect on developmentit seems that the individual players on those winning teams get sizable boosts.

I have had a year-old, third-round winger score 55 goals in a season and go from 80 overall to 80 overall. But I digress. There are some good ideas in place, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. NBA 2K20 game update 1. Check out Connect with us.From progression glitches to premature patches, the MyCareer mode has been a flaming dumpster that developers have been scrambling to fix since the jump.

While MyLeague continues to be the franchise mode that all other console sports games are chasing, it also does show some stagnation this year in its lack of innovation.

Your avatar in this process is a player you created yourself for MyCareer, presumably taking the reins as a young general manager following his playing career, though details on this significant transition are scant at best.

These can range from meeting with players or executives to actually playing your scheduled basketball games throughout the season. There are some admittedly nice customization touches as you progress through your season, such as a tree that allows you to add different skills to your GM repertoire as you ascend to different levels.

These can see you improve in areas like your financial acumen or dealing with players, as if you were realistically learning on the job and growing in various areas that may have eluded you when you were just starting out. It does seem less realistic though to have the ultimate goal for the mode to be to accumulate points based on your performance and compete against other GMs via the leaderboard.

At the end of the day, the mode stripped away the near limitless customization here for offline players looking for a way to create something unique and turned it into more of an arcade-like mode with an online component. This change has not pleased some users at Operation Sports. The more things change with the MyGM mode, the more they stay the same within the venerable MyLeague mode. There have been a few small but mildly significant changes to MyLeague, including one that smartly attempts to account for the kind of frenzied offseason we just saw in the NBA.

With new badges like Media Ringmaster, Warm Weather Fan and Finance Savvy, there will now be players that look to play either in big markets, typically sunny places and cities where they can maximize their salaries, respectively. It seems like now they just need to maybe add a Collusion badge or something similar for those max-contract superstars who like to team up with other superstars and the offseason will be even more realistic.

Even something seemingly inconsequential as adding the ability to force a win for a certain team in a simulation is a low-key smart addition, allowing people to craft their own storylines for seasons and create certain playoff matchups they might want to see.

There have been some small hitches experienced by people online, including some difficulty in getting people added to their online leagues, but there are sufficient solutions to this problem to make it more of a minor issue than the kinds of offseason corruption glitches people were having with MyLeague Online in NBA 2K NBA 2K20 game update 1.

nba 2k20 myleague player progression

Check out Connect with us. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Showing comments of 15 comments. MYGM has to be one of the worst "upgrading" to a sports video game mode that I have seen in my 35 years of gaming. Now, I won't say that the previous offerings were smash hits, but the first year stories were fairly interesting, and they offered a lot of interactivity in how the story panned out. This year?

The offering is shallow, linear, and customaization has been thrown out. Who is high fiving their bros because they topped the MYGM leaderboard? Also, did Visual Concepts hire a bunch of gender study feminists to write the dialogue? One of my players lectured me on toxic masculinity.

I can't wait to be lectured on climate change, wage gap, and manspreading. I was hoping the Gilette ad would pop up just so I can know how alful us men are. I wish this was a joke.

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However, it isn't. MyGM is boring, limited, and a waste of disk space.

NBA 2K20 MyGM and MyLeague: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

I simmed numerous seasons and my experience is the other factors in free agency don't really work. Consistently, due to available funds, those free agents that chose to move locations found themselves signing with Atlanta, Memphis, Toronto, etc. The money was the deciding factor over and over. If 8 out of 10 games are disconnecting immediately then I would argue MLO is not "largely playable" and that would absolutely be considered "game breaking" if we literally cannot play a game.Albums Screenshots Videos.

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Communicate Friends Chalkboard. Excuse me if this has been asked somewhere before, but so far I can't find it in the forums. How do I get players to develop in MyGM? I use the mentor program and understand how to get badges, but that doesn't seem to impact anything other than badges.

Each year when it comes time to review player progression all my players stay the same rating or regress. I have never had this issue in previous seasons, and I assume there is something I am missing in the new skill trees and such that I need to focus on.

I for the life of me can not figure it out and have played through the first season with the Grizzlies at least 5 times now with Morant and JJJ regressing each of the seasons. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this. Advertisements - Register to remove. Quote: Originally Posted by BrandonLaz Excuse me if this has been asked somewhere before, but so far I can't find it in the forums. I've tried doing the training intensity I've never messed with the individual training, but I never had in previous years either so that never occurred to me.

Thanks for the help I'm going to give it a shot. I am having the same issue in my career as well. I feel like I need to restart as this career is ruined. Did you do a fantasy draft?

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I just played another season to try messing with individual training and such it didn't help at all. Practically the whole team regressed including Ja who won Rookie of the Year. I decided to look around the league and everyone was dropping it seems to be a glitch of some sort. Hopefully eK realizes what is happening and patches it because My GM is basically unplayable at that point if you can't develop young talent. Quote: Originally Posted by BrandonLaz I just played another season to try messing with individual training and such it didn't help at all.

MyGM is the only reason I buy this game and it seems to be broken. I don't recall ever seeing any of my players have that green arrow pointing up in the roster screen, everyone has the down red arrow even when we're on a winning streak.

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Grading the Player Progression System in NBA 2K20

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nba 2k20 myleague player progression

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